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7 photos of the week - Flickr

Posted on Sep 08, 2016

Architecture Design

Every day we crawl in the depths of the Internet in search of real gems. Here's what caught our attention last week.
If you want to submit your photo to us, write  with a '7 photos' note.


fot. ⓒ Alexander

Muñecos hinchables 
Muñecos hinchables

fot. ⓒ Angela Buron

One expression 
One expression

fot. ⓒ Pai Shih

Shita # 2 
Shita # 2

fot. ⓒ Cyril Blanchard

hillary! When he gets to see his pony. 
When he gets to see his pony.

fot. ⓒ Bret St. Clair


fot. ⓒ Miriam Conesa Gómez


fot. ⓒ Alexander Dyachenko

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