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Simplicity and beauty in Aleksandra Przybysz jewelery

Posted on May 19, 2016


ALE is original collection of hand-made jewelery is above all very modern forms and geometric shapes that create a sensational effect by Aleksandra Przybysz. Created for people looking for non-standard and interesting solutions. In the ALE collection, fascination with beauty lies in simple and thoughtful solutions, where less is more.


All ALE collections are created in the studio located in a Poznań tenement house designed by Roger Sławski. It is there, in a showroom combined with a goldsmith's workshop, that Aleksandra Przybysz designs, prototypes and handles her own jewelry.

"I created my brand to have total artistic freedom. Sitting at the goldsmith's table, I find peace, I close myself in the world of shapes and forms and I do what I like the most - I create unconventional forms and shapes in accordance with my own aesthetics. My constructions are always characterized by precision and high quality ''.

ALE jewelery is, above all, broken forms, a lot of bends, geometric shapes and also in its uniqueness - simplicity. There are many geometric shapes here and a turn towards futurism in architecture.


The starting point for the designer is always a piece of paper which she transforms into a three-dimensional form. Metal becomes its reflection, only in a more permanent form. In this way, Aleksandra's studio creates jewelery patterns, very minimalistic, but with thoughtful proportions.

"Apart from architecture, fashion is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. Jewelry ALE. has already completed the collection of Maciej Zień, Edyta Pietrzak, Ewelina Klimczak and Magda Hasiak. I believe in Polish design and Polish creativity. '

Aleksandra Przybysz - a student of interior design and jewelery design. She transferred her passion for architectural structures into jewelery forms which she creates with great passion.

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