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A girl with a tattoo - Christina Theissen and Eleni Stefanou

Posted on Nov 26, 2016


Tattoos have long ceased to shock, but are we completely free from stereotypes related to permanent body decoration? The artists Christina Theissen and Eleni Stefanou believe that tattoos still arouse a lot of emotions - not necessarily good ones. Thanks to social media and pop culture messages, women with tattoos are still portrayed as sexual objects or rebellious rebels who oppose the prevailing canons of beauty.

In January 2016, the artists created the Women With Tattoos blog, which proves that a tattoo is not necessarily a 'lifestyle', 'rebellion' or 'challenge'. A tattoo can be a decoration, an accessory, a souvenir ... it does not have to 'define us'. Tattoo is freedom, so why stick labels to people who have them.



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