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Art framing - tradition and quality

Posted on May 08, 2017


According to experts, nothing highlights the beauty of the painted works as a delightful, perfectly matched to frame him. Manufacturers offer many different designs, colors and materials, which we can frame our pictures. A wide range of shades, patterns, embellishments and ornaments allows the ideal setting to choose according to taste, so that fully matched to the interior design, which is to be found. A large range of colors and materials has led to a situation in which the framing products are used both in the interiors of traditional and modern.

Art framing tradition passed  from generation to generation.

But few know that the creation of such a high quality frames and not binding in a variety of paintings, mirrors, diplomas, work or souvenirs from the trip is a kind of art. Artistry, on which, in the case of multi-companies, knowledge is passed from one generation to another. Exactly as it was also the case Frame Gallery in Warsaw, which currently leads the grandson of company founder Piotr Krysztofek. Gallery Ram is a company that had its beginning in Radomsko in 1951, and now have their studios framing is also in Warsaw. For many years the family business has developed rapidly, now proud to present an extensive offer of over 1200 types of frames.

Where passion and modernity come together with tradition

Best framing salons, wanting to provide its customers with the highest quality products, present in its offer a kind of fusion of style and technology. They care about is that each individual frame was selected, with taste and in accordance with a corresponding fashion. The same Framing is performed while using the most modern solutions. Employees salons luminaires responsible for selecting and binding framework approach their work with full commitment and passion. Very often they use modern methods of framing, but never, as in the case of Ram Gallery, do not forget about tradition and act in accordance with the immutable principles of craftsmanship ramiarskiego.

Proven quality

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