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Contemporary Spanish Home That Prioritizes Flexibility

Posted on Apr 30, 2019


Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West presented their bizzare 'minimal monastery' mansion to the world, the interior design websites went overboard with excitement posting images of houses and ideas that will make your humble abode look 'just like Kim & Kanye's'. And this house is really no different, just despite the strong minimalistic vibe, it still manages to look warm and cozy.

Situated in the Spanish capital, the residence sits by Paseo de la Castellana, one of the longest and widest avenues in Madrid. The 275-square-meter property named ‘U.Ø’ house has been renovated to optimize the flow of spaces and to allow for the uses of each room to change as required by the occupants. “Open, flexible spaces were generated to allow natural light to enter the home”, the architects explain, “enabling easy reconfiguration of spaces through the use of lightweight partitions that act as necessary filters”. These partitions drew from the clients’ nostalgia for Mediterranean design; their form is a nod to traditional room dividers used commonly in vernacular architecture of the region. Though the rooms can be closed off with the partitions, the use of oak throughout the home gives the residential space a feeling a unity. “All the areas that make up the home’s daytime layout, such as the lounge area, the dining room itself or even the kitchen area, can be converted into meeting areas, office or study,” the architects explain, which allows them to be “independent of the rest of the layout”. The house was designed by the Spanish BETA.Ø architecture office.

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