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This is what the famous Donald Trump Wall will look like!

Posted on Nov 23, 2016


One of Donald Trump's most famous ideas during the presidential campaign was undoubtedly the famous Wall, which the future president of the United States planned to put along the border with Mexico. The wall would not only stop the flow of illegal immigrants (which Trump claimed most of them were rapists and criminals), but also reduce the costs of border control. The wall was to be completely financed by the Mexican government.


The Mexican architectural studio EStudio 3.14 decided to treat the idea of the president-elect literally and asked his trainees to design the "Trump Wall". As the project is to be entirely financed by Mexico, the architects put on a pink color as a tribute to the famous Mexican architect Luis Barragán.


The designers decided to go even a step further - referring to Trump's famous comments on the criminal inclinations of Mexicans. The architectural studio proposes that the entire 3,145 kilometers of the pink-painted wall be used as a prison. From the American side, the wall would also be equipped with stairs, making it a viewing platform for the citizens of the United States, from where they could, from a safe distance, admire the 'corruption and degeneration' of the Mexican people.


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