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Tiny Houses - smaller space, more happiness

Posted on Jul 11, 2018


Moving to a smaller home is often perceived as a result of the deterioration of domestic finances. Is it always the case that a desire to limit the space occupied must be associated with necessity, not a choice?
The new global trend of Tiny House proves that a small house can not only be a relief for the budget, but also solve many other problems - seemingly unrelated to the inhabited area.

"We are consumers. We buy too much. We do not need all of this, "says Bette Presley, one of the propagators of the Tiny House movement. Bette is 72 years old and 2 years ago, she turned her house into a small 16m2 cabin in the small Californian city of Arroyo Grande. Bette is one of a large group of seniors who retired when they decided to live on a minimal size - ideally suited to their needs.
This solution not only increases the comfort of an older person's life (carefully arranged, a small interior allows for effective and safe moving around the space), but also prevents isolation and loneliness. Small houses, located close together, encourage older people to spend time together - if possible outdoors.

Bette Presley in front of his less than 16m2 cottage

Bette's house is equipped with wheels, which means that you can easily move it to a different place. It is also a convenient solution for seniors who would like to live close to children or grandchildren, but the current development of the area prevents the construction of a traditional home in close proximity to real estate relatives.
However, not everyone is satisfied with the option, 'home on wheels'. Proponents of a more traditional solution can also enjoy small size, without losing anything of the quality and aesthetics of home-made.

Designer Paige Morse has renovated this one-hundred-year-old house standing on her property. The property has 2 rooms and a stunning 23 m2

This small, tree house 'seems miniature, but inside there is a bedroom, living room and home office

These 32m2 cottages were designed for people who would like to live close to nature and friends, and do not need a large yardage. You have to admit that the interior of these houses is as encouraging as the facade

Fans of a small size in a luxury version will definitely be interested in an offer straight from Austin. The owner has joined two houses on wheels, an impressive 'property with a total area of 37m2

A small size does not have to mean a compromise in terms of interior design. A small, cozy kitchen with a mezzanine finished with recycled wood does not give way to modern trends in the field of interior design.

Another interior this time by Driftwood Homes USA.

This house looks like a fairy tale moved alive. The whole is a work of Creative Cottages. 

How about a house on the water?

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