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Welcome to Salesforce - see what the entrance to the office of an American giant looks like

Posted on Dec 02, 2016


If you're a giant of the industry, your income grows at a geometric rate, and the only thing you need to seal your status is thousands of square feet of office space to accommodate several thousand employees - minimalism is not the concept you want to be for your brother.
Welcome to SalesforceTower - the headquarters of the salesforce customer giant. There is no place for half-measures here. Entering the lobby, you are welcome by such a fascinating view that you might not want to go any further. Have a look yourself.


A few dozen meters wall welcoming guests and Salesforce employees is a huge screen, created by Obscura Digital. 7 million pixels ensure impeccable image sharpness and change the office lobby into the entrance to the rain forest, beach or waterfall.


The image is displayed in a stunning 12k resolution, and images prepared for projection were produced by Fusion Computer Imagery Studios

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