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Welcome to the future! The terrifying beauty of automation

Posted on Oct 16, 2018


In the Japanese Uniqlo warehouse, located in the Ariake district in Tokyo, all work consisting of checking and sorting clothes is done by robots.
The company has rebuilt the existing warehouse using an automated system created in cooperation with Daifuku, a supplier of material transport systems. Modernization means a 90% reduction in posts. The warehouse can thus operate 24 hours a day.

Recently released footage shows how from the moment when the trucks bring goods to the warehouse until the boxes are sent to customers, there is only one case of human interaction: the act of placing the goods in a box. Everything else, from the management of stocks and storage to the assembly and distribution of boxes, is on the robot side.

Renovation at Ariake Warehouse is part of a broader agreement between UNIQLO and Daifuku, a supplier of customized warehouse solutions. The companies plan together modernization of all UNIQLO warehouses. The work has already begun in China, Thailand, Australia and the USA. Welcome to the future!

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