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AND YOU? Why you wanna be ugly? - bold transformations of the Polish make-up artist

Posted on Jun 14, 2016


'Why do you want to show that you are ugly?' - that's what Caloria heard from her mother when she started her project. Contrary to what one might think, the question did not offend her at all. She considered ita pretty good summary of what she was going to achieve.


The fact that makeup can do wonders is pretty well-known. However, to know and to see are two different things. Thanks to Caloria, we will not only realize the power of cosmetics, but also think about our self-esteem.
During the day Caloria studies production engineering - after hours she turns into an artist who treats her own face as a canvas and is not afraid to show it.


The bold way of presenting the changes before and after makes an impression, just like the master make-up technique that Caloria continues to perfect.

'Why am I doing this? I do not think that all women should wear make-up, but if thanks to the line on the eyelid they will come out of the house more confidently, I want to encourage them to do it! You'll notice that the right side of my face has invisible eyebrows, discoloration and dark circles under my eyes. Bah! It even has protruding ears. This is how I was born. But if I have the tools to improve it ... why not? '


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