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How the horse died - design process shown in 6 steps

Posted on Sep 27, 2016


Daniel Forero - graphic designer and creative director from New York decided to look at the design process and the next creative stages of the work of many artists. Daniel on the example of a horse demonstrates how individual ideas and projects evolve and change. During the process, each subsequent version is irretrievably lost and replaced with another - or better?

1. Horse number one - spray paint, a squeeze template, colored markers

The project entitled 'Killing my Darlings' talks about how the creative process should not be a 'mistake'. Each project and idea is unique and leads to something new. To achieve results, we must not be afraid of changes and the final effect.

2. Horse number two - spray paint, white marker
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3. Horse number three - 500 small, plastic eyeballs and 15 large eyeballs21519c41575357-57ab6325af67425081941575357-57ab6325af20921ea1e41575357-57ab6325ae9b504dacc41575357-57ab6325adfd6

4. Horse number four
Left side: Patience, meticulous planning. Fear of failure, focus on details. Part of every design process.
Right page: No Patience, no plan, no focus. Do not be afraid of making mistakes because they make the project unique. Part of every design process.

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5. Horse number five - Frustration

After TWO unsuccessful attempts to create a completely unique work, I painted the horse with a whole lot of colorful paint. Something unexpected, new and (in my opinion) quite successful was created
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6. Horse number six - Teamwork

We are forced to work with the group many times. It often causes us to feel the lack of control over the project. We feel frustrated if the end result is not 100% what we expected.

This time I wanted to completely lose control and trust the team 100%.
There were 5 people working on the horse, they did not receive any instructions from me. Everyone received 2 minutes to paint the horse at their own discretion.


7. Golden Horse
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