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Reading is art - 5 things that every book lover should have (INSPIRATION)

Posted on Sep 06, 2016


Readership is falling every year, meanwhile the number of faithful defenders of the printed word is growing. If on the first date your first question is 'what have you read recently?', When visiting friends, you always notice the lack of bookshelves and you do not accept gifts unless they smell fresh ink ... seek professional help :) 


1. Statement t-shirt

There is no better way to demonstrate your attitude to reading, than with the help of the appropriate inscription on your clothes. Or maybe you want to inform the world about your favorite book? Thanks to Kurdemol people will learn that you read (with understanding) something more than posts on Instagram.


2. Bookmark

Bookworms that have not mastered the difficult art of remembering 'where they ended' or struggling with the (sweet) problem of reading too many books at once, will certainly appreciate the bookmark - and those that are difficult to get lost, and even more difficult to crush.

Armored bookmarks you can find here -



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3. Fake it till you make it

It may be a risky idea and has little to do with real reading, but if you're a fan of such solutions, you will not find a better case for your iPhone BookBook-Case-and-Wallet01 case

4.Time to read

This cute gadget from EgginEgg will always remind you that there is no such concept as lack of time to read. Every true bookworm knows that!


5. Plakat z cytatem

Odpowiedni cytat nie tylko przypomni Ci, jaki jest Twój ulubiony sposób na spędzanie czasu, ale i upiększy domową lub biurową przestrzeń. Plakaty od WeJustLikePrints robią dobrą robotę!


Love books!

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