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Touch the weather

Posted on Oct 24, 2016


Each of us has at least one enthusiast of the weather in our immediate surroundings. For most people, the weather status only matters with regard to choosing a wardrobe for the current day or planning a vacation. True enthusiasts, however, do not follow the weather for practical reasons. They live it ...

Now, thanks to the Richard Clarkson Studio invention - experiencing the weather is elevated to a whole new level.


Making Weather to lewitujący nad owalną bazą obiekt chmuropodobny, wsparty światłami led i ukrytym panelem audio, które pozwalają imitować zjawiska meteorologiczne.


The prototype is not yet on sale, but the creators have great hopes for it. The cloud can fulfill decorative functions, serve as a bluetooth-controlled speaker, and with a little modification, be programmed to reflect the current meteorological aura.


The soft cloud can move and rotate, which enhances a realistic effect. The base must be connected to electricity, but the cloud itself works on rechargeable batteries.makingweather-1872_1280_0008

The product will be further improved with a retail customer in mind. The target price is not known yet.

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