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Melancholic portraits by Sungsoo Kim

Posted on Jan 03, 2019


South Korean artist Sungsoo Kim like no other, can channel sadness and melancholy. The artist was born in the Chinese city of Busan, however he works and lives in Seoul. His works are highly appreciated and are a part of collections of many Korean political institutions. Deprived of color, faded characters seem to be plunged into permanent sadness, which in time seems to even erase their special features.

Sungsoo-Kim_Art_1 Sungsoo-Kim_Art_2

A series of paintings entitled 'Melancholy' is a canvas with dimensions of approximately 150 x 190 cm. They are made of acrylic technique.

Sungsoo-Kim_Art_3 Sungsoo-Kim_Art_4 Sungsoo-Kim_Art_5 Sungsoo-Kim_Art_6 Sungsoo-Kim_Art_7 Sungsoo-Kim_Art_9 Sungsoo-Kim_Art_83

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