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Striking beauty sends Instagram into a frenzy but she's not even real

Posted on Apr 18, 2019


She recently sent the digital community of Instagram into a complete frenzy with thousands of fans gushing over her surreal beauty. Little did they know about how surreal the beauty really is!
In April of 2017, a new figure stepped onto the world stage. Strikingly beautiful and instantly captivating, a mysterious model named Shudu appeared on Instagram and she had the world wondering who she was. Shudu quickly attracted thousands of followers who wanted to know more about her identity. Who was this compelling woman and where did she come from? After some time, it became apparent that there was no Shudu. She was a digital fabrication created by a young fashion photographer named Cameron-James Wilson, an art project to inspire him in a new virtual medium. After this revelation, Shudu became a social media phenomenon.

Shudu's creation was almost accidental. An experiment while Cameron was trying out 3D modelling after becoming frustrated with his latest hobby, hand-painting Barbie dolls. It’s from these dolls that Cameron gained his inspiration to create Shudu. Modelling her on the Princess of South Africa Barbie, and other models he admired, Cameron brought Shudu into the world, with no idea about the impact she would make. Shudu incorporates many aspects of her creator's interests such as sci-fi, gaming and fashion, while utilising skills from a decade of retouching photographs. Now Shudu has a life of her own, and she hopes to champion diversity in the fashion world, collaborate with creators from emerging economies and under-represented communities and get together with up-and-coming designers.

Now the questions asked are different. What does someone like Shudu mean for the world of fashion? What is she going to do next? Are there others like her? 
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