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Hatred is good - Jaik Olson

Posted on Feb 20, 2017


3 years ago Jaik Olson left school at the art school, he did not have a telephone, but he had quite a big propensity for drugs. The image of a cocaine-addicted, rinsed visitor who wants to become an artist is definitely different from what Jaik Olson is today. No miracle happened, although for some it is not obvious. Jaik took the pseudonym Puppyteeth and set up an Instagram account. The rest is history ...

Cynical, slightly psychedelic illustrations that Jaik puts on his profile quickly made a sensation on the Internet, and Jaik from an aspiring artist struggling with his own demons, became ... an acknowledged artist who made real art out of the fight with his own demons.

The nature of his instagram popularity largely dictates the direction in which Jaik is moving as an artist. He carefully reads comments of fans and the most popular pictures turns into t-shirt prints and other gadgets. Thanks to this, he's able to make a living only from art and can focus on artistic development without worrying about what the next day will bring.

W najbliższej przyszłości Jaik widzi siebie jako komentatora politycznego i chciałby aby jego rysunki odnosiły się do aktualnej sytuacji na świecie. Nie musi obawiać się, że nie zostanie dobrze odebrany - dzięki dużemu zaangażowaniu w społeczność internetową, Jaik doskonale wie jakie nastroje polityczne przeważają u jego fanów. W planach miał nawet przygotowanie ściągalnych szablonów na marsze protestacyjne, uznał jednak, że woli jednak skupić się tylko na ilustracjach.

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