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In/Visible - How to disappear in 5 simple steps

Posted on Dec 05, 2016


ZGilding in painting seems to return to favor. Once popularized by Gustav Klimt, who made them his hallmark, a combination of paints and gold, silver petals is again a hit. Brad Kunkle efficiently combines oil painting with gilding. The effect is surprisingly light, modern and inspiring.

brad-reuben-kunkle-03 Moon and Moon, 2016

brad-reuben-kunkle-02 Algorithms, 2016

brad-reuben-kunkle-05 Growth, 2016

brad-reuben-kunkle-06 How to become Invisible (in 5 easy steps), 2016

brad-reuben-kunkle-07 Haiku, 2016

brad-reuben-kunkle-10 Present, Future, Past, 2016

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