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Mesmerizing colourful portraits by Linsey Devendall

Posted on Mar 31, 2019


Linsey Levendall is a multidisciplinary creative. His work is driven by a need to be in sync with his subconscious thoughts and dreams that reflect his mileu, in particular growing up in Cape Town’s Cape Flats, a place filled with nature and wildlife but corrupted by human violence and suffering. He currently lives and works in rural Canada with his wife and family. He defines his work as ‘mildly trippy,’ treading the fine line between beauty and distortion. 

His prismatic works show a range of human conditions, capturing everything from deep introspection to pure bliss. He works closely with The Black Heart Gang and Shy The Sun as a conceptual designer on groundbreaking animation for both the local and international market and makes up one half of the duo Bison.
The colourful portraits in coloured pencil and ink are intensely intriguing and show the great command over lines and bright colours.

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