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Depression is a problem of white people - Tsoku Mael

Posted on Jul 11, 2016


"Psychological problems are the problems of white people" - with such a stereotype, common in the circles of the black population, decided to face the artist from South Africa Tsoku Mael. The photographer, for the subject of his Abstract Peaces cycle, has just embraced depression - a condition that often suffers from a lack of understanding. Talking about this problem is difficult and fraught with many prejudices. The artist decided to focus on his own example to encourage people to look at the issue of depression from a different perspective.



The artist used his own struggle to maintain inner peace - not easy due to the ongoing depression. His self-portraits document the struggle with his own weaknesses and a sense of lack of understanding in the world around him. The series consists of 22 photographs and literary works documenting both the difficulties and the beauty of the depressive state. The project has received wide coverage in South Africa and initiated a discussion on depression, trying to disenchant depression and stop the stigmatization of people suffering from depression.




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