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Hanging sockets straight from Belgium

Posted on May 18, 2016


Hanging Cacoon tents are inspired by hanging sockets weaved by small birds of the Weaver family, whose nests measure up to 7 meters in length and their weight reaches even tons. These wonderful, tree-made tree houses decided to use a pair of designers from Belgium, using their experience in the construction of sails and architectural fabricswiszace-gniazdawiszace-gniazda1

Cacoon is the work of the British couple Nick and his wife Sara. The idea for Cacoon was born during their holidays in Mexico and was inspired by nature. If you do not have a tree on which you can suspend Cacoon, or you are just afraid that the branch on which you plan to hang it will not stand your weight, it's not lost, the designers have invented a special tripod, which you can additionally purchase. It is also a great idea to mount a tent in a living room or children's room. Thanks to this, it can be used all year round.


The construction is made of super strong material that is waterproof, but still soft and pleasant to touch (like from natural canvas), so you do not have to worry about the tent left outside, even when it rains. These original "sockets" are available in three different sizes: for a child, for an adult (or two children) and for two adults. They are all able to handle about 220 kg, available in 11 different colors, and their cost varies between $ 225 to $ 452.


Wiszący kokon pozwoli cieszyć się widokami, dźwiękami i zapachami natury w prywatnej przestrzeni, którą można zabrać dowolne miejsce na świecie. Cacoon sprawdzi się również wewnątrz pomieszczeń, w domach, mieszkaniach lub pokojach relaksu (chill room). Produkt tez zapewni doskonały wypoczynek i warunki do odcięcia się choć na chwilę od rzeczywistości.

Wiszące gniazda Cacoon są ciekawą alternatywą dla hamaków i wiszących foteli hamakowych.

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