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Colours of Tokyo by Eylül Aslan

Posted on Aug 09, 2016


Born in Istanbul, Eylül Aslan lives in Berlin every day. And until recently, she did not realize how a gray-bourn town came to live - until she visited Tokyo. Seems. that our everyday European standard - a mix of gray concrete with asphalt graphite and various shades of dirty beige is combined in Tokyo with pastels, juicy yellow and red. Or maybe it's just a matter of perspective?


Japanese writer Haruki Murakami says: "everyone has their own color." Perhaps the colors of Tokyo are more suited to the Turkish artist Eylül Aslan. Perhaps the surrounding of pastels, with a slight shade of vintage, harmonizes with her mood better than staying in concrete Berlin grays, which - no doubt - also have their charm. But this is a completely different story - written in a different color.


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