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Nudes made in hell - Peter Franck does not like the obvious

Posted on Aug 11, 2016


"Most of the female nudes are simply horribly boring to me," says German photographer Peter Franck. His work is a combination of erotic and surrealistic dream. Intentionally pretentious interiors are a background to an extraordinary story, where eroticism intertwines with horror. Sometimes in unequal proportions.


Perfect lighting, beautiful bodies ... "We've seen it thousands of times," says Franck. His photos provoke to ask questions - often uncomfortable. Who is this woman. Why was she here? What just happened? And why is this goddamn television always on ?!
The scenes arranged by Franck at first glance resemble the porn of the '70s. Small details, however, introduce an element of surprise - an atmosphere of anxiety. "Photography should not be readable at first glance," says Franck.


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