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What to do with an unused sex shop doll? Scalp it! (NSFW)

Posted on Jun 06, 2016


Sharon Wright often uses dolls in his projects - photographing them in carefully arranged positions, often arranging scenes in which dolls play with dolls creating multidimensional, plastic metaphors. Sometimes, however, the project ends, and the main character stays. Then what?
To one of the last sessions, Sharon borrowed a doll from ... a sex shop. Unfortunately, the company did not want to take her back. Once the role of the doll was over (earliershe had time to shine at several parties, scare the gardener, the garbage collector and the transport company), it was necessary to face the reality and get rid of the uncomfortably inappropriate human object . Unfortunately, it was not as easy as it might seem.


Przewożenie lalki z miejsca na miejsce wywołało niemało emocji..


I see you...


She was the highlight of many events ... unfortunately when the lights go out, you have to do something with the doll ...doll4

Sharon decided to skin her and use the skeleton on which she was built. The process turned out to be much more complicated than she thought.doll9doll10doll11




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