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Feel like a mermaid without moving from the couch!

Wysłany dnia lut 08, 2016


Gave you ever dreamt about being a mermaid? Or maybe you just hate the loose ends of the blanket falling from the couch to the floor, when the only thing you dream about is to wrap yourself in a cuddly, soft cocoon? If you answered yes to one of the questions above, you'll be interested in the Melanie Campbell project from CassJamesDesigns.
Master crochet offers a new look at the blanket - now you will not only be unimaginably warm and cozy, but also for a moment you will feel like real, fairy-tale mermaids!

Mermaid-Tail-blanket-cassjamesdesigns-1 Mermaid-Tail-blanket-cassjamesdesigns-2 Mermaid-Tail-blanket-cassjamesdesigns-3 Mermaid-Tail-blanket-cassjamesdesigns-4

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